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I'm thinking of entering WalkingCityOCT - Should I do a... 

13 deviants said TRAG....MANCE?!?! :iconamgplz:
3 deviants said Romance? :iconkawaiifaceplz:
1 deviant said Tragedy? :iconcryforeverplz:


Floaty Clutch [OPEN] by FlightyFelon
Floaty Clutch [OPEN]
Ignore if you're not part of :iconpkmnation:


Here's a clutch of powerhouses your opponents will never suspect! (Until they get knocked out by your  Fairy Wind ;) )
Clutch Size - 7
Males - 2
Females - 5
Species Numbers - 2 Crossbreeds, 2 Rufflet, 3 Cottonee
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0
Fusions - 3
Crossbreeds - 2

Base Attack - 40

All LVL 5
Sire: Chelos
Dam: Angeline

1 ♂ - Rufflet FUSION :icongrasstypeplz::iconnormaltypeplz::iconflyingtypeplz:
A charming boy who tends to leave a trail of dry leaves behind.
150:points: or 1 move [OPEN]
2 ♀ - Cottonnee FUSION :iconfairytypeplz::icongrasstypeplz::iconnormaltypeplz:
Very shy, she spends her time floating around other pokemon, trying not to be noticed.
150:points: or 1 move [OPEN]
3 ♀ - Cottonee :iconfairytypeplz::icongrasstypeplz:
A real darling, she loves to hug EVERYONE and then sit on them. She's basically a friendly cat in that respect. O_o
45:points: or 6lvls [OPEN]
4 ♀ - Cottonee/Rufflet CROSS :iconflyingtypeplz::iconnormaltypeplz::iconfairytypeplz:
Daringly swooping through the open skies, this girl is perfectly at home in terminal velocity.
100:points: or 1 move [OPEN]
SUUUPER SHINY!! Clutch by FlightyFelon
Ignore if you're not part of :iconpkmnation:


Just as a side note, I'd like to thank the great clutch-gods for this beautiful group of bebz ;o;

Auction Info

SB:150:points:, AB:600:points:, min. Increase: 25:points:.
Auction will run until midnight OCT/26 (EST)
(Sorry for not accepting levels/moves for these, I'm just trying to save up some funds for a certain PKMNation project down the road OwO )

Clutch Size - 6
Males - 4
Females - 2
Species Numbers - 3 Crossbreeds, 2 Charmander, 1 Espurr
Shiny - 6
Morphs - 2
Fusions - 3
Crossbreeds - 3
Base Attack - 9

Sire: [pkmn] fortunato
Dam:Arma - PKMNation
All level 5 (
1] ♀ Charmander - SHINY/MORPH :iconfiretypeplz:
Timid and compassionate, this lovely girl never lets her unique looks go to her head.
Auction in the Comments *OPEN*
2] ♂ Charmander - SHINY/FUSION :iconfiretypeplz::iconnormaltypeplz:
Because of his salamander-like hide, this boy can be uncomfortable in hot, dry environments. Maybe that's why he's so cranky?
---TAKEN BY rainslick ---
3] ♂ Espurr - SHINY :iconpsychictypeplz:
Quiet like most of his kind, he has a way of working his way into the hearts of everyone he meets.
Auction in the Comments *OPEN*
4] ♂ Espurr/Eevee - SHINY/MORPH/CROSS/FUSION : :iconfiretypeplz::iconpsychictypeplz::iconnormaltypeplz:
A little pompous, this boy can't help but draw attention to himself with his bright colors and neon flames.
---TAKEN BY FlightyFelon ---
5] ♀ - Eevee/Espurr/Charmander - SHINY/CROSS :iconfiretypeplz::iconpsychictypeplz::iconnormaltypeplz:
A real sweetheart, she can be a little immature and loves to play games!
Auction in the Comments *OPEN*
6] ♂ - Charmander/Eevee - SHINY/CROSS/FUSION :iconfiretypeplz::iconnormaltypeplz::iconpsychictypeplz:
A very cryptic fellow, sometimes it feels like the world he's seeing is a different one from the one everyone else inhabits...
Auction in the Comments *OPEN*
Aviary Hill: PROLOGUE - 5-6 by FlightyFelon
Aviary Hill: PROLOGUE - 5-6
Based on :iconpkmnation:
<<First (PROLOGUE - 1-2) <Previous( PROLOGUE - 3-4) | Next>> (OCT/27/14)

Looks like Chelos has gotten in over his fluffy head! And, as promised here are the cameos mentioned who will reappear in next week's installment!
-dances nervously-

Chelos- (6lvls fullbody) + (2lvls headshot) + (10lvls shading) + (8lvls complex BG) + (1lvl simple BG) = 27 lvls (EXP share)---> Ruvik
Mansa - (2lvl chibi) + (2lvls headshot) + (8lvls shading) + (8lvls complex BG) = 20 lvls --> LEVEL 100
Dara - (6lvls fullbody) + (1lvl chibi) + (8lvls shading) + (8lvls complex BG) = 23 lvls
Dhul - (6lvls fullbody) + (1lvl chibi) + (8lvls shading) + (8lvls complex BG) = 23 lvls
Natsu (2lvls fullbody) + (2lvls shading) + (2lvls simple BG) = 6 lvls Dragon-of-Twilight 
Lady Moors (2lvls fullbody) + (2lvls shading) + (2lvls simple BG) = 6 lvls reensdragon
Lapis (2lvls fullbody) + (2lvls shading) + (2lvls simple BG) = 6 lvls maryd39
Rover (2lvls fullbody) + (2lvls shading) + (2lvls simple BG) = 6 lvls Merc-Weasel 
Ruvik - PKMNation by FlightyFelon
Ruvik - PKMNation
For: :iconpkmnation:

Pokemon: Mawile/Skiddo/Bergmite

Name: Ruvik
Gender: Male
Type: Rock/Steel/Grass
Hatch Date: Oct/17/14
ID Number: 17785

Level: 36
Started Base Attack: 16
Current Base Attack: 23
Moves: Tackle(Normal) / Iron head(Steel) / Astonish(Ghost)
Level Up Log:
     -Ref: 2lvls fullbody + 2lvls shading = 4
     -Clutch: 2lvls fullbody + 2lvls shading = 1lvl simple BG = 5 - Clutch with Cattensu [CLOSED]
     -AH (EXP Share from Chelos):(6lvls fullbody) + (2lvls headshot) + (10lvls shading) + (8lvls complex BG) + (1lvl simple BG) = 27 - Aviary Hill: PROLOGUE - 5-6

=   level 36

Moves he'd like to learn: Taunt / Bite / Vice Grip / Feint Attack / Crunch / Swallow / Spit Up / Bulldoze / Gyro Ball / King's Shield / Meteor Smash / Leech Seed / Solar Power
Personality: A secretive beast, often found patrolling the fringes of the ranch in search of a tasty snack...

Gonna try Streaming![REQUESTS]

Sun Oct 12, 2014, 4:36 PM
Hey there, watchers!

So lately I've seen a lot of people doing the stream-thing and I would like to give it a shot!
Sooooo, I've downloaded the application and was wondering if anyone would be interested if I streamed some quick requests?
Basically, I'm looking for a couple of INTERESTING things to draw, be it OCs, or anything from my new obsession:
Say, around 5 requests. :) For PKMNation I can do levels, moves learning and even evolutions, so comment below and let me know!


Request List-
1 HeadlessEffigy 
2 Grasssatrand 
3 Dragon-of-Twilight 
4 BubbleVain 
5 Sombrasaurus 

~waits impatiently OwO~

Created at


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Skill Level: Professional Dabbler

---Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke Trades - Friends Only by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke---



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